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North Mids and Peaks Maths Hub

Life at North Mids and Peaks Maths Hub Life at North Mids and Peaks Maths Hub Life at North Mids and Peaks Maths Hub Life at North Mids and Peaks Maths Hub Life at North Mids and Peaks Maths Hub Life at North Mids and Peaks Maths Hub


Primary Mastery Specialist Programme

Following the successful first four cohorts of the Mastery Specialist programme, the NCETM and Maths Hubs are now seeking to recruit a fifth cohort of expert primary school teachers to develop and work as Primary Mastery Specialists. This document gives information about the programme and how teachers and their schools can apply to be involved. The closing date for applications is Monday 20 May at 5pm.

Primary Mastery Work Groups

In 2019/20, all Maths Hubs will be running primary mathematics Teaching for Mastery Work Groups led by Mastery Specialists. This programme is for schools who have a commitment to developing a teaching for mastery approach. Although the participation involves two teachers attending events outside of the school, it is expected that these two teachers lead development across the whole school. Each Maths Hub is now seeking to recruit schools for Work Groups, each involving six or seven schools. This document gives information about the Work Groups and how schools can apply to be involved. The first round closing date is Friday 22 March 2019 when all applications received will be considered and places allocated. A second round with a later closing date will then be run for any unfilled places. Please see our application form for more information.

Shanghai Mathematics Teacher Exchange

Shanghai sits on top of the PISA ratings for mathematics. We are delighted to welcome two primary mathematics teachers from Shanghai, who will be teaching in one of our hub schools, Pinfold Street Primary School, Walsall. North Mids and Peaks Maths Hub is offering an exciting opportunity to experience, first hand, the pedagogical approaches our counterparts employ. We hope that you will be able to join us to observe our guests delivering lessons. Please see the flyer for more information.


Primary Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE)

There is more to subject knowledge than being able to do the maths yourself. The Primary SKE Work Group develops primary teachers’ mathematical subject knowledge so they can understand, teach and support pupils effectively. A key focus is not only improving the participants ability to ‘do’ mathematics but also to ensure they have the appropriate pedagogical knowledge to teach their pupils well. Please see the flyer more information.

What Is Greater Depth?

Teachers from a number of schools will work together to develop their understanding of how to facilitate activities and questions that provide opportunities for all children to work at Greater Depth than the expected standard, as and when they are ready for it, within a teaching for mastery context. Building on findings from the 2017-18 project, more schools are being offered the opportunity to explore what it means to work deeply in mathematics. Collaboratively, they will use existing tasks/questions and design their own, to ensure that pupils are not accelerated through the programmes of study but have a deep and sustainable knowledge of mathematics for their age. Please see our flyer for more information and the online application form.